Environmental Engineering

At work,at home or during our hobbies, we spend a large part of our time generating disturbances to our environment some temporary, others everlasting. Environmental Engineering examines the harmful effects on humans and tries to reduce them.

road traffic noise pollution
road traffic noise pollution

PPLUS works in the following fields:

PPLUS works to solve these problems in the different phases of a project and guarantees you an optimal price-performance ratio.

Are you regularly exposed to noise or vibrations at home?
PPLUS finds the cause, assesses the situation according to the applicable norms and dimensions the necessary protection measures.

Do you construct a building close to a noise source?
PPLUS examines the construction of the building and dimensions the protection measures to ensure an optimal comfort. PPLUS develops the study which is necessary for the building application.

Do you want to buy or sell land which is registered as a contaminated site?
PPLUS makes a historical and technical investigation. Arising additional efforts for a future project will be examined, including the emerging costs.

Do you plan a new project or do you have a special request?
PPLUS is always available for discussions and offers customized solutions according to your needs.

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Certificat ISO 9001

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Certificat ISO 9001
Certificat ISO 9001:2015 PPLUS Sàrl
Certificat ISO 9001:2015 PPLUS Sàrl