Noise from shooting ranges

Noise from shooting ranges in Switzerland is mainly stems from military facilities and affects around 20'000 people.

Also civil shooting ranges are causing noise but the number of effected people has declined remarkably because of the noise rehabilitation measures since 2002. Despite these efforts, there are some civil facilities remaining to be rehabilitated.

The Environmental Protection Law (USG) and the Regulation on Noise Protection (LSV) are in force since 1987:

  • affix 7 of the LSV fixes the threshold values for civil shooting ranges, they must be remediated until 2016,

  • since august 2010, affix 10 of the LSV fixes the threshold values for military shooting ranges.

Protection measures against noise from shooting ranges could be: fusion or close-down of shooting ranges, temporal constraints for the utilization, acoustical insulation of the shooting range or the construction of earth walls or noise protection walls.

PPLUS offers the following services:
  • measurements and calculations of noise assessment levels,
  • compilation of rehabilitation projects (according to LSV),
  • suggestions and dimension of noise protection measures,
  • construction management during the construction of protection elements.

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