Protection against exterior noise

Road traffic noise rehabilitation (LSV)
Road traffic noise rehabilitation

Noise is by definition a subjective sensation and perceived differently from person to person.

Noise can be unpleasent, disturbing and/or harmful to the affected people

An estimated 30% of the population in Switzerland are exposed to excessive noise levels.

Protectin against noise in Switzerland is mainly controlled by the Noise Protection Regulation (LSV) and the SIA standard 181.

Construction site noise
Construction site noise
The effectiveness of noise abatement measures largely depends on the type of noise. One can distinguish the following types of noise:

  • Exterior noise, caused by traffic (roads, railways, aircraft), industry and craft, as well as shooting ranges,

  • Noise within buildings, transmitted as airborne or structure-borne noise (footfall). This type of noise is discussed in our section sound insulation in buildings.

PPLUS offers the following services in the field of noise protection against external noise:

  • calculations and measurements of acoustic emissions (road traffic noise, railway noise, industrial noise and noise from shooting ranges),
  • simulations of noise propagation (roads, railways, shooting ranges, industries),
  • measurements of external noise,
  • noise cadasters,
  • acoustic studies for building applications,
  • dimension of noise protection measures,
  • construction management of noise protection measures,
  • monitoring of construction sites to survey the construction site noise.

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