Industrial noise

Noise exposition deriving from Industrial noise affects only a limited zone around the place of emission which is generally situated in the immediate vicinity of the industrial utility area.

cooling system
cooling system

A series of level corrections are necessary to compare the noise assessment levels with the threshold values.

These corrections depend on the type of noise, its sound content, its impulse content but also on the time of day (day or night).

Noise of an aeration system
Noise of an aeration system

The legislation on industrial noise is applied to noise of the following sources:
  • indstry, craft and agriculture,
  • transport of goods and stock turnover,
  • intra-company transportation,
  • parking sites and car parks outside the road space,
  • heating, aeration and air-conditioning systems.

PPLUS offers the following services:
  • measurements and calculations of industrial noise assessment levels,
  • rehabilitation projects (according to LSV),
  • compilation of noise cadasters,
  • dimension of noise protection measures and maintenance dossiers,
  • consulting and presentation during the acceptation procedure.

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