Electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic waves with frequencies between 0 Hz und 300 GHz are described as non-ionizing radiation. They are produced by:

  • radio and television channels,
  • mobile radio antennas,
  • radar stations,
  • catenaries of railways,
  • high voltage power lines,
  • transformer stations and electrical apparatuses.

In contrast to the ionizing radiation (radioactivity), its energy doesn't suffice to change other atoms and molecules. Nevertheless it is proven, that non-ionizing radiation can affect the health and well-beeing of humans. This is referred to as "electro-smog".

The Ordinance on the protection against non-ionizing radiation (NISV) regulates the supervision of the according facilities. The Ordinance limits the emissions, fixes threshold values for the immissions and provides the renovation of facilities if threshold values are exceeded.

PPLUS offers the following services:

  • studies on the intensity of non-ionizing radiation (mobile radio antennas, high voltage power lines),
  • studies for projects near railway lines and high voltage power lines,
  • concepts of measurements to protect humans against electromagnetic waves.

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