Air pollution control

Like clean water, also clean air is essential for a healthy life. Nowadays a multitude of measurements are necessary to control and assure the air quality constantly.

Mapping of NO2 emissions
Mapping of NO2 emissions
Because of technical improvements, also the air quality has improved constantly. Nevertheless we are still breathing in too much air pollutants (nitric oxides, fine dust, ozone).

Air pollution has a big number of negative impacts. Among other things, it harms to our health and can also compromise ecosystems. Costs in Switzerland caused by air pollution amount several billion Franken every year.

The regulation on air pollution control (LRV) fixes threshold values (concentrations in the atmosphere) for several pollutants. for around 150 pollutants there exist emission limits (exhausts).

PPLUS offers the following services:

  • calculations of emissions (road traffic, heatings, industry),
  • modelling of the distribution of pollutants in the atmosphere,
  • estimation of immissions (gases, particles),
  • accompaniment of construction sites (guideline on air pollution control on construction sites),
  • concepts for measurements.

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