Building Physics - Energy

We spend a large part of our time in buildings - either at home, at work or during our leisure activities.

Administration building
Administration building
The well-beeing in buildings depends on a multiplicity of factors, some of them can decisively be influenced by Building Physics.

Building Physics is dealing with various issues:

  • the temperature balance,
  • the quality of the air inside the building,
  • the acoustical comfort.

PPLUS advises you in these domains of Building Physics, during the different phases of a project and guarantees you an optimal price-performance ratio.

Is your heat insulation insufficient or are you interested in improvements of your energy balance?
PPLUS elaborates an energy balance of your building, analyses your energy consumption and proposes you solutions according your goals and your budget.

Are you fighting against humidity in your building?
PPLUS examines the construction of your builsing and carries out temperature and humidity measurements if necessary. PPLUS also offers you 3D simulations of the thermal bridges of your building.

Do you have acoustical problems?
PPLUS examines your building according the effective norm and proposes you solutions.

Are you planning a new project with specific requirements?
PPLUS advises you and offers you specific solutions to your project.

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Certificat ISO 9001:2015 PPLUS Sàrl