Sound insulation in buildings

Sound-absorbing elements
Sound-absorbing elements
Good acoustics are indispensable for a pleasant atmosphere in apartments, at working places and in classrooms as well as in roomes for leisure activities.

Adapted solutions must guarantee:

  • a sufficient sound insulation between rooms. particularly for different types of use,
  • a good balance between absorption and reflection within a room.

In Switzerland it is the SIA standard 181 which sets the requirements for the sound insulation in buildings. It is published by the Swiss Aoociation of Engineers and Architects.

PPLUS offers the following services:
  • expertises to the sound insulation in buildings acoording the applicable standard,
  • measurements of the propagation of airborne noise, structure-borne noise and footfall noise,
  • measurements of noises of technical ficilites and fixed installations in buildings,
  • calculation and dimensioning of the sound insulation of components,
  • calculation and measurement of reverberation times,
  • dimensioning of absorptive elements to improve the room acoustics,
  • acoustics of halls (concert halls, auditoriums, conference halls,...),
  • acoustical analyses for projects of public locals (bars, clubs).

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