Acoustical planning

Since the seventies and an increase of apartment buildings, noise protection in buildings became more and more important to continue to ensure comfortable living.

Cantonal institution CMN/HEG
During the planning phase of a building it is necessary to analyze the different structural elements to comply with the SIA standard 181.

This standard sets the threshold values for protection against the following types of noise:

  • airborne noise from outside,
  • airborne noise within buildings,
  • footfall noise,
  • noise of technical facilites and fixed installations in buildings.
For special types of use like classrooms or gyms some reverberation time requirements are also applied. That is how comfortable acoustics and a good speech intelligibility can be assured.

PPLUS offers constructive solutions not only to meet the requirements of the SIA standard 181 but also more extensive contractual agreements of the customer. The goal is the best possible solution according the needs of the client.

PPLUS offers the following services:
  • analysis of the noise exposure and sensitivity level of locals,
  • determination of the applicable threshold values,
  • determination of the requirements in conversation with the client,
  • integral studies of buildings according their types of use,
  • detailed technical investigations,
  • monitoring of construction works,
  • acoustical measurements after completion of constructions.

Certificat ISO 9001

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Certificat ISO 9001:2015 PPLUS Sàrl