Room acoustics

The goal of a room acoustics study is to control and to optimize the acoustical perception in rooms.

In prinicple it is the speech intelligibility or a good perception of music which are necessary for comfortable room acoustics.

Concert hall
Concert hall
The characteristics of concert halls, conference room and meeting rooms exhibit complex problematics and are influenced by the following factors:
  • the geometrical configuration of a room,
  • the choice and distribution of absorbing and reflecting surfaces,
  • the reverberation times,
  • the sound pressure level of interferences,
  • the quality of any amplifier system for sound reproduction.
The characteristic of a room can be adapted to the use of a room with adjusted solutions.

The SIA standard 181 sets the acousical requirements for classrooms and gyms:

PPLUS offers the following services in the field of room acoustics:
  • calculation and measurement of reverberation times,
  • dimensioning of absortive elements for acoustical corrections of a local,
  • acoustics of halls (concert halls, auditoriums, conference halls...),
  • acoustical investigations for projects of public locals (bars, clubs).

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