Control and weak point measurements

If persistent noise exposure or a weak acoustical insulation is ascertained, noise measurements can be carried out.

Noise measurement
Noise measurement
These measurements allow:
  • the calculation of the acoustical insulation between rooms,
  • to control the perceived sound level because of footfall noise,
  • to control if the perceived sound level fulfills the legal requirements, particularly for industrial noise and noise of public locals (music) during the night.

These meaurements are carried out according the instructions of the SIA standard 181 and are precise enough to determine possible deficits.

PPLUS carries out all types of noise measurements and suggests constructive solutions. The target is the compliance of the valid threshold values in consideration of the users needs.

PPLUS offers the following services:
  • airborne noise measurements of internal and external sources,
  • footfall noise measurements,
  • measurements of noise of technical facilites and fixed installations in buildings,
  • measurements of reverberation times,
  • measurements of noise levels,
  • studies to solve and optimize noise problematics,
  • construction supervision during the realization of measures.

Certificat ISO 9001

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Certificat ISO 9001
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Certificat ISO 9001:2015 PPLUS Sàrl