Energy balance

An energy balance allows the determination of the energy demand for the heating and gives an overview of the energy budget of a building. Energy balances are necessary for building applications.

Vue thermographique extérieure  d'une façade
Vue thermographique extérieure
d'une façade
The energy balance of a building must fulfill the requirements of the federal Energy law, the federal Energy ordinance and the following standards:
  • SIA standard 180 "heat and humidity protection in building construction",
  • SIA standard 380/1 "thermal energy in building construction".

In canoton Neuchâtel also the cantonal energy law and its implementation rules are in force.

PPLUS offers the following services to develop an energy balance of your building:
  • integral energy concepts (heating, cooling, electricity, aeration, water),
  • dimensioning of the heat insulation,
  • energy certificates for building applications,
  • studies for MINERGIE®, MINERGIE-P® and MINERGIE-ECO® projects,
  • calculations with Lesosai,
  • recommendations of different alternatives,
  • thermographic measurements of thermal bridges,
  • studies to contain thermal bridges,
  • feasibility studies for the use of renewable energies,
  • definition of characteristic numbers for the use of a building (internal temperature, utilization rate,...).

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