Optimization of the energy efficiency of buildings

The optimization of the energy efficiency of a building comprehends a study which considers the most convincing improvements and the most efficient operations. These improvements and works are planned in such a way to prevent building phyics problems.

BEFORE RENOVATION Energetic rehabilitation
Energetic rehabilitation
The insulation of existing buildings is in general inferior to the insulation of new buildings. This leads to an enhanced energy consumption.

The following subjects are analyzed during an energy efficiency optimization procedure:

  • the building envelope (facade, floors, windows,...),
  • technically feasible solutions with low costs,
  • the dimensioning of the heating system,
  • possible occurance of thermal bridges due to the renovation.

    AFTER RENOVATION Energetic rehabilitation
    Energetic rehabilitation
    PPLUS helps you with the choice of the most efficient alteration works and attends you with your projects with the following services:

    • alteration work concepts and sustainable renovations,
    • careful energetical calculations for substantial renovations,
    • planing and construction management for the changement of windows,
    • consulting with the planing of works,
    • economical consulting services.
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