Summer heat protection

Thermal Wärme from the sun, from the operation of technical installations as well as from personages which are staying inside a building leads to a heating of the ambient air.

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In sumer it is sometimes difficult to dissipate this heat. It leads to an increase of the internal temperature in buildings which can be perceived as unpleasant. Summer heat potections can prevent excessive temperatures.

Two criteria must be considered for this purpose:

  • the protection against heat entries into a building,
  • the dissipation of useless heat.

Specific studies enable a balance between heat entries and losses.

In switzerland both the internal temperature and criteria of comfort in buildings are controlled by the SIA standard 180 "heat and munidity protection in building construction".

PPLUS offers the following services:
  • estimation of the summer heat protection,
  • dimensioning of the heat production in dependance of internal heat inputs,
  • consulting for the orientation of a building,
  • propositions for sun shields.

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Certificat ISO 9001:2015 PPLUS Sàrl