Aircraft noise

Bigger part of the aircraft noise in Switzerland originates from the two big airports in Geneva and Zurich. Additionally, also the surroundings of the military airports (Payerne, Sion, Emmen and Meiringen) and the flight corridors of the bigger regional airports (Sion, Lugano und Belp) are affected by aircraft noise.

Aircraft noise
Aircraft noise
In addition to the mentionend airports, 7 further regional airports, 44 airfields and 28 heliports are causing aircraft noise in Switzerland.

More than 65'000 people during the day and even 95'000 people during the night are affected by excessive aircraft noise in Switzerland.

The Environmental Protection Law (USG) and the Regulation on Noise Protection (LSV) are in force since 1987:

  • affix 5 of the LSV fixes the threshold values for civil airports,
  • affix 9 of the LSV fixes the threshold values for military airports.
As it is not possible to reduce aircraft noise on its propagation path, it has to be abated at its source. There are different possibilities:
  • night flight ban,
  • planning and design of airports,
  • promotion of quiet technologies through noise-related taxes,
  • emission limit values for aircraft,
  • minimal flying heights nearby populated areas,
  • pilote training for low-noise flying.

PPLUS offers the following services:

  • measurements and calculations of aircraft noise assessment levels,
  • compilation of aircraft noise cadaster.

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